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US Preferred has an innovative website that will inform you when a home matches your search criteria. Signing up to get email updates will help you stay up-to-date on the market while you're searching for a new home or listing your current home. Once you sign up, we'll email you new and updated listings, as well as recent sales for the neighborhood you're searching in. Read the instructions below to learn how to Save Searches and Get Email Alerts.

1. Become a member or login

To save searches or get email alerts you have to be a member.
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2. Select Search Criteria

Use the left side bar to select your search criteria for the homes that you would like to save the search or get email alerts for. Select features like "Sale Type", Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Price Range, Sq. Feet, City, Zip Code, Property Type and Pool.

3. Save Search by Name

Use the save search feature at the bottom of search bar.


Use the toolbox to the right and either click "Get Email Alerts" or "Save Search".

4. Start Receiving Emails!

Start receiving emails that match your saved search. You can opt out at any time.

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